Weight Loss by Gastric Balloon

The most important common complaint of patients with obesity or morbid obesity is difficulty to suppress feeling of hunger.  These patients eat frequently and their food portions are more than normal.  Many patients have tried diets many times and could not achieve a significant weight loss or complete the diet when they refer to us.  These patients need support to keep fullness sense longer and to control their hunger.  This support may be the gastric balloon procedure.

What is gastric balloon and how is this procedure applied?

A gastric balloon is an inflatable plastic sphere in elastomer nature.  It is placed into the stomach endoscopically.

How does gastric balloon slim down?

The gastric balloon forms a volume in the stomach and causes a reduction in the gastric volume.  Patients feel full sooner with smaller food portions with the gastric balloon in their stomach.

What are Gastric Balloon types?

There are many different gastric balloon types in the market.  Different gastric balloon models which may be inflated with air or fluid exist.


Whom Gastric Balloon is Suitable For?








Whom Gastric Balloon is Suitable For?

The gastric balloon may be placed in any individual who is overweight.

The most common patients whom gastric balloon is applied;

  • Those with body mass index (BMI) < 40 and without any additional disease
  • Those with body mass index (BMI) > 40 who do not want to have the surgery
  • Patients with body mass index (BMI) > 50 (super obese) who are desired to loose weight before the surgery.

How Much Weight Can I Loose with Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloon is a surgery-free weight loss method which may provide a weight loss by 8 to 16 kg within 6 months period.  The most important condition for weight loss with gastric balloon is to have this procedure within the frame of a support program.  Gastric balloon placement solely does not provide a sufficient weight loss.  The success may be achieved through gaining correct nutrition and living habits by adopting exercise and diet programs.  Gastric balloon will be your most important helper.

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