Diabetes and Sex Life

Type 2 Diabetes may cause hyperlipidemia (elevation in bad cholesterol), atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, blindness and kidney failure.  However, it may cause impotence or erection difficulty before these.  It may cause sexual anorexia or dryness on vaginal area in women.

Diabetes causes sexual disorders because of vascular and neural damages.  A good sexual life is necessary for a healthy body.  Sex organs should have a well blood circulation and preserve neural viability in both men and women.

Type 2 Diabetes may disrupt functions of sexual organs due to vascular obstructions and nerve damages.

Does diabetes cause impotence?

It is not expected to experience these problems when diabetes is kept under control.  However, many problems that you may experience during diabetes process facilitate to face with these problems.  For example, sudden elevations on blood glucose is a sample.  Or having frequent hypoglycemia attacks (decrease on blood glucose) may make you tired and decrease your sexual potence.  Your sexual desires may also reduce.

Hypertension and atherosclerosis in small vessels may cause impotence.  Narrowing or obstructions in the vessel feeding penis cause disruption of the structure which provides erection.  Erection never happens or lasts very short.

Numbness, roughness occur on sexual organs and private areas of both men and women in nerve damage.  No stimulation may be obtained from contact of the partner.  Neural disorder may cause vascular disruption in men.

Does smoking harm?

If you have diabetes, your vessels already get narrow.  Smoking increases the damage that diabetes causes very much.  It both increases severity of the damage and accelerates appearance.

If you experience erection problem or you have dryness on your sexual organ, immediately quit smoking.


Does smoking harm?








Elevation in blood glucose may cause dryness in vagina and infections.  Frequent infections prevent sexual intercourse.  Couples may easily adopt and accept this condition.  Shame is the biggest obstacle before these diagnoses.

Some drugs prescribed to treat disorders such as depression and hypertension may cause erection dysfunction or vaginal dryness.  When you experience such problem, try to find out the association of drug and share it with your physician immediately.  Drug change may provide sexual disorders even partially.  Sometimes treatment may be interrupted and sexual problems may recover accordingly.

Obesity means a fatness condition which needs treatment.  Obesity may cause decrease and impotence on sexual appetite.  If you have obesity, weight loss will be useful.  Your obesity makes control of your diabetes difficult.  High blood glucose progressing uncontrolled spoils blood circulation of sexual organs.

Do not hide these problems with yourself.  Share it with your doctor.  Some doctors may be annoyed to listen these problems. First, ask permission to share these problems.  Then, your doctor may direct you to a psychotherapist or sex therapist.  Go to each doctor or psychotherapy session that you will discuss your problems with your spouse.  Compliance is very important.

Remember that sexual problems are frequent in diabetes.  However, if diabetes control is provided sufficiently, you do not experience these problems for long years.

You may even experience sexual problems before your diabetes becomes severe.  To start the treatment as early as possible when you feel the problems will increase success of the result.

What are Treatments For Diabetes-induced Sexual Problems?

Drug therapies exist for men.  These drugs are applied by urologists.  These drugs increase penile circulation and provide erection.   Furthermore, it also helps to make erection longer.  However, your heart health and blood pressure should be controlled before applying these drugs and the treatment should be approved by a cardiologist.   Otherwise, you may experience severe fatal problems up to heart attack.



What are Treatments For Diabetes-induced Sexual Problems?









Testosterone which provides characteristics of male gender decrease in some male patients.  In this case, drugs including testosterone may be prescribed for these patients.  Erection disorder and impotence complaints decrease.

Along with drug therapies, a kind of artificial pump may be placed into the penis.  This provides to inflate penis when necessary.  Sexual intercourse may be provided by this way.

Different lubricants may be used for women.  Infections on vaginal tract or urinary tract are treated if any.  Some drugs including estrogen hormone may be tried.

There are special vacuum machines which create stimulus onto the area on vagina.  This machine is put on the vagina and a vacuum effect is created.  It creates a suction effect like you feel when you put your hand on hose of a vacuum cleaner.  This suction increases blood circulation on vagina.  Vagina becomes sensitive and is stimulated easily.  Furthermore, it increases vaginal lubrication.