Diabetes and Healthy Nutrition

Findings of diabetes extend to 3500 years before in the history. First diet suggestion for diabetes belongs to 1550 B.C.  It has been told in these suggestions that vegetables, fruits and cereals should be eaten much to prevent more urine discharge and to keep the water in the body and cereal beer should be drunk to replace the water discharged.

Aretaeus who has lived during the first century A.C. has first used the word “diabetes” as “melting of meats, arms and legs and discharge with the urine”.  The belief arisen with Aretaeus that diabetes is originated from stomach and milk, wine, beer and fruits should be consumed for the treatment would be replaced with beliefs that diabetes is originated from kidneys after a century.

The belief that diabetes is caused by much eating and it is a disease which sweeten the urine has become dominant from second century to sixth century a.d.  This period is a long period where diabetic patients are forced to obey intensive fluid restrictions and strict diets.

Although we do not have a certain knowledge until 1600s, we witness that the belief that diabetes is related with over eating has become stronger.  At this period, narcotic drugs has been started to be added into the treatment due to observation that patients have lived longer with food restriction.

Hunger diets are still popular during 1900s.  Especially severe carbohydrate restriction and fatty foods have been given to the patients during this period.

Patients have get rid of hunger diets with insulin treatment.

Many researches and suggestions have been published on developed countries, mainly in USA until 200s and updated healthy nutrition suggestions have been created.

Main principles which are valid today are suggestions made to everybody for a healthy life in United States Diet Guideline:

  • Aim to stay on a healthy body weight.
  • Prefer cereals (especially those including scurf and cereals).
  • Eat different fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Try to ear balanced foods in terms of total fat including low saturated fat and cholesterol.